May Newsletter 2017

May 2017
All ballet slippers that need to be painted will be collected the week of May 8th – 13th and returned the following week. Make sure that your child’s name is written inside their dance shoes and that they have a pair of shoes to wear home. (Not all classes are having their shoes painted; that is up to each teacher, but names should still be placed in all shoes). If your shoes are not being painted, PLEASE CLEAN THEM with a magic eraser before picture day.
Picture Day is scheduled for Sunday, May 21, 2017. Photos will again be taken by Photography by Skip Stowers. (Schedules are attached.) Order forms are available at the desk. Having these filled out in advance will make your day move faster. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before your child’s picture time. They should arrive ready to go, costume, hair, make-up. DONNA-THE FLOWER LADY will again be set up outside taking orders for bouquets for those who wish to order flowers for their children. NOTE: THERE ARE 6 CHURCHES IN OUR PLAZA! On Sundays, the place is packed! There is parking available behind our building and behind the buildings in the back. The churches are usually empty by 2pm.
April 30th is the last day that we will accept checks for anything pertaining to the 2016/17 dance season. Checks will be accepted for Summer & Fall Registration. (Checks are not accepted for Recital Tickets at any time).
We will have a MANDATORY meeting for all Backstage Volunteers on Saturday, May 20th, at 2:15pm at the studio. You will receive lots of information regarding the rehearsal and your duties during the recital. This will help reduce the confusion at the rehearsal and recital. Please be on time.
Please DO NOT be absent from now through recital. There are only a few weeks left and there is still much to learn. Valuable time is wasted going over steps there were taught the previous week. NOTE TO PARENTS: If you were in your child’s shoes, would you want to get on stage and dance in front of 1200 people if you didn’t know what you were doing? That’s what you are asking your child to do when you don’t bring them to class regularly.
When we line up for finale, do not get on the main stage with the rest of the students. Please line up on stage right in alphabetical order. We will introduce assistant teachers first. You will walk across the stage all together as I announce your name. You will walk and wave and leave the stage on stage left. Do not stop. Graduating seniors will walk on together, but you will stop on stage. I will introduce each of you and tell a little about your future plans.
I am going to say this here, and also in the Recital Packet that you will receive when you get your costumes. ANY STUDENTS FOUND BACKSTAGE OR IN THE BALCONY WITH A CELL PHONE WILL HAVE THAT PHONE CONFISCATED! Please do not bring your cell phones with you to the recital.
Please let Mrs. Seiter know if you want to assist again next year. Also, we need assistants for summer, so please sign up! We have many new students who would like to assist, and we would like to give them a chance if there are openings. If you don’t tell us that you want to assist, we will assume that you don’t. For those who want to be new assistants, please put in your request with Mrs. Seiter at the front desk. Make sure that you give us your email address. We will be contacting you via email. In order to be an assistant teacher, you must be in Ballet 3 or above and you must sign up to assist classes for the summer. This is when you will receive your training.
Recital DVDs are still available to be ordered and may also be ordered at the recital. They are $35 ($45 for Blu-ray), and may be ordered by calling 1-877-234-2266 or go to Diacom video will also have a table set up in the theatre lobby.
In the upcoming weeks, we will not only be working on recital dances, but we will be teaching your children about the proper way to behave in a theatre. In accordance with that, we are hoping that you will help us out by not trying to come backstage to collect your child during the show. As I am sure you already know, it is terribly rude to leave in the middle of a performance, and I know that you would not want to teach your child to do this. All of our students work very hard and each one of them deserves to perform before a full audience. I thank you in advance for helping us to teach your children this valuable lesson. Also, if you must get up during the show, please do so in between numbers so that the people behind you don’t miss any part of the show. Families must refrain from shouting out a student’s name during the show. We have instructed the students not to do this while they watch the show from the balcony. This is not a sporting event and shouting the students name is distracting and dangerous to the students and audience members alike. Also, please be respectful of other audience members by not standing during your child’s number. You do not know if the person behind you has a child in that number and would like to see it also. Thank you.
All student levels for next year should be in by May 15th. In order to maintain the student’s privacy, upon your request, I will email your child’s levels to you. You can email your request to me starting May 16th, to If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to the teacher. She can tell you how your child is doing and what skills they need to work on. All students develop at a different rate and therefore do not automatically move to the next level each year. Some students who are not quite ready for the next level can sometimes make great improvements just by taking summer classes. Others may need more strength or maturity, and that just takes time. We all work hard to bring out the best in each child!
In order to make our FAMOUS 50/50 RECITAL RAFFLE even better, we are selling tickets now! Each year at the recital we give away over $200 to a lucky winner. Since this is our 29th year, let’s see if we can double that pot! Tickets are $5.00 each or 5 for $20. Your chances of winning are much better than any lottery!
If you are going into Ballet 4 or above next year, and would like to try out for Pointe class, please let Mrs. Wheeler know. She will be evaluating all the students soon.