April Newsletter 2018

April 2018
We only have approximately 8 more classes until the recital. Many students are frequently absent and this holds up the rest of the class while the absent child tries to catch up. This is frustrating for everyone. We have a recital ABSENTEE POLICY. If your child misses a total of 4 classes during the months of March, April and May, we have THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO LET YOUR CHILD PERFORM IN THE RECITAL. It is not fair to have a child dance in front of 1200 people when they don’t know what they are doing. Also, it takes away from the rest of the class because the dance does not look as good as it could. So, if you want your child to perform,,,DON’T LET HER/HIM BE ABSENT!
We still need volunteers for the recital. Without your help “the show can not go on”. The dancers are counting on your to help make this recital a success. We must have approximately 50 volunteers to make the show run smoothly. NOTE: Most volunteers will get to watch half of the show, and of course, you can always watch from the side of the stage when your child is performing. We would like to ask that you volunteer by April 30th so that we can list your name in our recital program. Also, I need someone to decorate the lobby during the rehearsal and also take it apart after intermission.
Don’t forget to submit your ads for our wonderful souvenir recital program! These ads are due April 21st. What a wonderful way to promote your business or tell your child how much you appreciate all the hard work they put into their dancing!! Last year’s program is available for viewing to get ideas.
Recital Tickets are currently on sale, and will be, through the studio until April 28th. After that, you will still be able to purchase them through the Dr. Philips Center, (they own Bob Carr), or at the Box Office on the day of the Recital. Please refer to your ticket sheets for ticket sale procedure. We will only accept cash or credit cards when purchasing tickets.
Photos will be taken of the students in their recital costumes on Sunday, May 20,2018 (schedule will follow). The photos will be taken by Photography by Skip Stowers. More information will be given as the date gets closer.
Please make sure that your children come prepared and READY TO DANCE. Precious time is being wasted fixing hair and removing jewelry. Ballet students MUST have their hair in a bun or similiar style that doesn’t allow the hair to move. ALL STUDENTS must have their hair up & held securely so that it doesn’t fall apart during class. Scrunchies DO NOT hold hair in place! Please make sure that they have all of their supplies when they come to class or they will be asked to sit and observe the class.
Don’t forget to order your 30th Anniversary Recital T-shirt! Orders are due by April 14th.
The Marriott Hotel, across from Bob Carr Theatre, is going to give us group rates for Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th. If you have more than one child in the recital, or your child is in many numbers, it is much more convenient to stay at the hotel rather than drive back and forth to the theatre. We have reserved 25 rooms for Saturday and 50 rooms for Sunday. The group rate is only $129 a night if you reserve by 5:00pm, Friday April 27, 2018. Reservations requests received after 5:00pm local time at the Hotel on the cut-off date will be accepted at Hotel’s prevailing rate, based on room type availability. You can make reservations by calling 1 (800) 228-9290 and just use the Leggz Dance Academy name.
Recital DVDs are $35.00, $45 for Blu-ray and may be ordered directly through Diacom Productions. Their number is 1-877-234-2266 or you may order them online at www.diacomproductions.com. If you prefer to mail in your order, order forms are also available at the desk. Don’t miss out on preserving your child’s wonderful performance! Get your professional DVD , you won’t want to miss a minute of it!
Dates have been set for our specialty number rehearsals. Students must attend ALL practices.
“SUMMER IN THE CITY” Rehearsal Dates
April 7, 21, 28, May 5, 19 – All Rehearsals are 1:00-3:00pm
“THE CUP OF LIFE” Rehearsal Dates
April 21, 28, May 5, 12 – All Rehearsals are 3:00-5:00pm, except for May 12th, which will be 2:00-4:00pm
May 17 & 24 during the Jazz class.
“DADS’ DANCE” Rehearsal Dates
May 3, 10, 17, 24 – All Rehearsals are 8:00-9:00pm
We are now in full recital mode. If your child needs to make up an absence in another class, please try to bring her/him to another class that is taught by the same teacher. Or, if the class is combined with another, please bring your child to that class. This will make it easier for the teacher to go over what your child missed and it will help them to catch up.
Any student who is in a class that is combined with another class should check with their instructor as to when to start attending the other class. Most students should be attending their combined classes as often as they can by now. There is no extra charge for the extra class, but it is important to attend in order to get used to working with the other students in the class.
Just a reminder of our studio policy. If your child is currently in Hip Hop 1 and is recommended for Hip Hop 2 next year then she/he will have to take a 2nd class in either Ballet, Jazz or Modern. Hip Hop derives a lot of its steps from those classes, and having a knowledge of them will help them to succeed in Hip Hop 2. If your child is currently in Jazz 2 is selected to move up to level 3, then they must also take Ballet. It is impossible to succeed in the upper Jazz levels without Ballet training. Not every student moves up a level each year because all children learn and develop at the different pace, but if your child is chosen for Hip Hop 2 or Jazz 3 please start thinking about their additional class for the fall.
We will be open on March 30th & 31st , Good Friday and Holy Saturday.
I would like to invite all of our Kindergarten students, and their parents, to attend and observe one or more of our classes during the week of April 2nd – 7th. Any child who is going into 1st grade next year is now eligible to take Ballet, Tap and/or Jazz. Deciding which to study is sometimes a difficult decision for both children and parents. By watching a class in April, it will help you make a decision for Summer and/or Fall classes.
Summertime is a great time to improve your dance education. Students who are having difficulty keeping up can improve their skills and those who want to get ahead can sometimes “skip” a level because they took class during the summer. Intermediate and Advanced level students should definitely take summer classes so they don’t regress. Every month you don’t dance takes two months to regain your strength, stretch, stamina, balance and technique. So, by not taking summer classes, it will take you until December 2017 to get back to the same level you are at now.
The summer schedule is available now, and unlike during the year, we will prorate the tuition if you know you will miss a class or two due to vacation.
All students in Ballet 4 and above are required to take Ballet Tech 1 in addition to your grade class. The requirements that need to be fulfilled to progress can not be done taking only 1 Ballet class a week. (It is requested that students in Ballet 3 also take Tech 1 to increase their progress.) If you are not already in Pointe class, are in Ballet 3 and above, and are interested in taking Pointe for the 2017/18 Dance Season, then Miss Diana will be coming in to test you, during the Ballet 3 class, in a couple of weeks. If you are chosen for the Pointe class, you will be notified in writing during the summer. Please keep in mind that when you take Pointe, you must also take your regular Ballet class and a Ballet Tech class. In addition, your parents must be prepared to purchase at least 2 pairs of Pointe shoes each year at a cost of approximately $85.00.
*April 2-7– Kindergarten students observation week
*April 14 – Recital T-shirt Orders are Due
*April 21 – Recital Program Ads are Due
*April 21 – Orders for Tights and Props are Due
*April 27 – Last day to reserve a room at the Marriott Hotel
*April 30-May 5 – Recital Costumes are Distributed
*April 30-May 5 Ballet Slippers that need painting are collected
*May 7-12 – Recital Tickets are Distributed (All accounts must be up to date)
*May 19 – Backstage Volunteer Meeting , at the studio, 1:00pm
*May 20 – Picture Day
*May 27 – Rehearsal & Recital!