March Newsletter 2018

March 2018

This year our Recital will be on Sunday, May 27, 2018 and begin at 5:00pm. Rehearsal will be the same day and will start at 8:30am. Students only need to be there for the rehearsal of their dance(s), (schedule will follow later.) In order to be in the Recital, performing students are required to attend the Rehearsal. NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO TAPING MAY BE TAKEN DURING THE RECITAL. STILL PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEOTAPING MAY BE DONE AT THE REHEARSAL ONLY.
Here is a brief summary, for those of you who are new to the recital. We will be on a very tight schedule. We start at 6:00am unloading and setting up equipment. This takes about 2 hours. Rehearsal begins at 8:30am and goes until 3:00. We take a break until 4:00 which is when everyone is required to be at the theatre, and the show starts at 5:00. The recital runs 4 hours, which is pretty amazing since we have about 57 dances in the show. This includes a 20 min intermission, trophies and finale. In order to shorten the show, we have combined many classes.
Volunteers are needed to help backstage for the recital. At this time, I still need people to help look after the students while they are backstage. Creative, Tumblebear & Hippity Hop classes need 2 parents per dance to volunteer. If you would like to be in charge of your child’s class, you must request that. If we already have enough parents for that class, you will be assigned another one. At this point, we cannot guarantee that you will be in the same room as your child, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Also, if you help backstage you will still see at least half of the show without having to buy a ticket, and you will see your child’s dance. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST ATTEND THE VOLUNTEER MEETING WHICH IS SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY, MAY 19th at 1:00pm.
Please be respectful to your teacher, classmates, and your body by attending class and getting to class on time. We have had quite a few absences lately. Your attendance is very important because dance is built from a foundation such as language or math. It is quite frustrating to “pick it up” without the necessary basics and it is unrealistic to think your body will stay in shape without being in class regularly. We are working on routines for the recital and it is difficult to choreograph and teach dances without everyone present. ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE ABSENT 4 TIMES TOTAL DURING THE MONTHS OF MARCH, APRIL, AND MAY, YOU MAY BE TOLD THAT YOU CANNOT BE IN THE RECITAL!! IT IS NOT FAIR TO THE CLASS OR TO YOUR CHILD TO PUT THEM ON STAGE WHEN THEY DO NOT KNOW THE DANCE!! Note: If you are in Ballet 1-8, due to the Ballet Exams, you will only be starting your recital dance after the exams. All dances must be completed by May 1st. That means we only have 4 classes to learn the entire dance, so DON’T BE ABSENT!!
Photos will be taken of the students in their recital costumes on Sunday, May 20, 2018 (schedule will follow). The photos will be taken by, Photography by Skip Stowers.
Flash drives of the recital music for each dance will be available for home practice at the end of February. This is a wonderful tool for the students, so they can perfect their recital dances. The Flash Drives are $8.00 for the first song, $2 for each additional song, payable in advance, and may be ordered at the desk. As a bonus, if you only use your flash drive for Recital Music, you may reuse it next year!
We will be closed for Spring Break from March 18th- 25th. These classes do not need to be made up; they are figured into our yearly dance session. For the remainder of the school year, there are no other days that we will be closed. We WILL be open for class on Saturday, March 17th.
The Marriott Hotel, across from Bob Carr Theatre, is going to give us group rates for Saturday, May 26th and Sunday, May 27th. If you have more than one child in the recital, or your child is in many numbers, it is much more convenient to stay at the hotel rather than drive back and forth to the theatre. We have reserved 25 rooms for Saturday and 50 rooms for Sunday. The group rate is only $129 a night if you reserve by 5:00pm, Friday April 27, 2018. Reservations requests received after 5:00pm local time at the Hotel on the cut-off date will be accepted at Hotel’s prevailing rate, based on room type availability. You can make reservations by calling 1 (800) 228-9290 and just use the Leggz Dance Academy name. Rooms will be available as of February 28th.
When you signed the recital agreement, one of the statements that you agreed to read, “All students are required to stay for the entire length of the recital”. Parents of students ages 3 through Kindergarten, you do have another option. You may purchase a half price ticket for your child and then they may sit with you during Act 2 of the recital. (This includes all Creative Dance & Tumblebear students and a portion of the Hippity Hop students.) This ticket must be purchased by April 28th. If you decide not to purchase a half price ticket for your child, your child will then sit in the balcony with our wonderful volunteers during Act 2. If you try to get your child without having purchased the half price ticket, you will forfeit your $75 recital fee. In order, to continue to run a very organized recital, we must have a list of our students who are being picked up by their parents. They will have special markings on their wristbands, and will be escorted to a designated area to be picked up by a parent with the matching wristband. In order, to find a student who is not on that list, we have to stop the show and that is just not possible. If your student remains with the volunteers for Act 2, please be assured that your child will be fine in the balcony. (In 29 years, we have never had a problem.) If your child is ill or upset, WE WILL FIND YOU. Otherwise, they are comfortable and enjoying the 2nd half of the show. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to me. We want both of you to have a great show!
We are now in full recital mode. If your child needs to make up an absence in another class, please try to bring her/him to another class that is taught by the same teacher. This will make it easier for them to go over what your child missed, and help them catch up.
This is the last call for students who have been with us 5 years or longer. We must order trophies for the recital and are not responsible if you fail to notify us. Please email our receptionist, Mrs. Seiter, at by March 10th. Please include your child’s first and last name and the number of years at the studio. We must have your request via email. If a trophy is not ordered because a parent forgot to notify us, then the parent will have to pay for their child’s trophy.
The cost for a Commemorative Recital DVD is $35 ($40 for Blu-ray). However, if you order your copy by March 31st, the cost will only be $25 ($30 for Blu-ray)! You may place your order at or by calling 1-877-234-2266. Don’t miss out! (Order forms will be available soon.)
Dates have been set for our specialty number rehearsals. Students must attend ALL practices.
SUMMER IN THE CITY” Rehearsal Dates
April 7, 21, 28, May 5, 19 – All Rehearsals are 1:00-3:00pm
THE CUP OF LIFE” Rehearsal Dates
April 21, 28, May 5, 12 – All Rehearsals are 3:00-5:00pm, except for May 12th, which will be 2:00-4:00pm
May 17 & 24 during the Jazz class.
“DADS’ DANCE” Rehearsal Dates
May 3, 10, 17, 24 – All Rehearsals are 8:00-9:00pm