February Newsletter 2018

February 2018

THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ALL PARENTS WHO SAY THEY DON’T READ OUR NEWSLETTERS. (You’re probably not reading this one either.) These newsletters are designed to keep you up to date on what’s happening at the studio. They also serve as a reminder of important dates and deadlines such as costume money, ballet exams, videos, recital dates, etc. Newsletters are now emailed to you and are also on the blog page of our website. We usually have the same IMPORTANT messages on the marker board and the front door, and all newsletters are on the bulletin board. There is no excuse for not knowing what’s going on. Being uninformed hurts your child, as they are not prepared for or miss certain events. We cannot possibly call every student in the school and remind them, which is why we also have a Leggz app. We send out the newsletters on the last week of the month. If you change your email address, please let us know. By the time April comes, we will be updating the “Blog” page on the website almost every week. So please look for them and READ.
Has your child been studying with us for 5 years or longer? If so, please send an email to Mrs. Seiter at yvonne@leggzdance.com with your child’s first and last name and the number of years with the studio. Emails must be received by February 28th, so we can order a trophy for them.
Yes, we are open on Friday Feb 16th, Rodeo Day. Our next holiday is Spring Break, when we will be closed March 18th-25th If there is any other time that the schools are closed, except for weather emergencies, we are still open for class. If you are ever unsure, please consult our “Blog” page on our website and read the current newsletter. Or, even better, download our APP!
We will be having Parent’s Visitation the week of February 12th – 17th. Still and video photography are welcome. Please refrain from bringing small children who may disrupt the class. The new Beginning Ballet, Beginning Hip Hop, and Saturday 11:45 Creative Dance classes WILL NOT be having Parent’s Visitation. They have not been studying long enough and it would be unfair for them to have observers.
Flash drives of the recital music for each dance will be available for home practice at the end of February. This is a wonderful tool for the students so they can perfect their recital dances. The Flash Drives are $8.00 for the first song, $2 for each additional song, payable in advance, and may be ordered at the desk. As a bonus, if you only use your flash drive for our Recital Music, you may reuse it next year!
Recital Tickets are going on Sale starting March 5th. Since, the Bob Carr Theatre is now owned by the Dr. Phillips Center, ticket sales must be handled differently. Please be sure to read your ticket information paper VERY CAREFULLY, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Time to join our Backstage Club! Volunteers are needed for the rehearsal and the recital to help out backstage. Various positions (which I will assign), need to be filled. If you would like to join in the excitement backstage, please notify my receptionist, Mrs. Seiter, as soon as possible. Please note that when you sign up, I will be placing you WHERE I NEED YOU. That might not be with your own child. Each Creative, Tumblebear and Hippity Hop dance must have 2 volunteer parents. There will be a MANDATORY meeting for all volunteers on Saturday, May 19th from 1-2pm

January Newsletter 2018

January 2018
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday & that you are eager to get back to work. We will be learning many new things during this half of the year so we will need your undivided attention.
Mark your calendars NOW! We are unable to change the rehearsal/recital date. Rehearsal will be Sunday, May 27, 2018 during the morning and afternoon. Recital will also be Sunday, May 27, 2018 starting at 5:00pm and ending at 9pm. That includes the trophy ceremony and a 20 min intermission. NOTE FOR ALL NEW STUDENTS: A Leggz Recital is the safest and fastest running recital of all, with each student wearing an ID band and only 7-10 seconds between dances!
If you were selected to perform in the Opening or Closing numbers, please let me know, IN WRITING, if there are any dates that you will be unable to attend rehearsals. Rehearsals will be during the months of April and May. I will be putting together the schedule by February 14th , so please let me know by then.
Costumes have been ordered. Photos of the costumes will be on the bulletin board soon. By the way, it takes 16 hours just to fill out the order forms. This year we ordered from 9 different companies and purchased over $36,000.00 in costumes! NOTE TO PARENTS: Whether you are purchasing 1 or 10 costumes for your child, I know how expensive it is and how hard it is to come up with the extra money at Christmas time. Please consider making small costume payments starting this summer. We will start receiving payments as early as June. Every little bit helps!
Picture Day for this year’s recital will be on Sunday, May 20th . Photos will be taken by Skip Stowers Photography.
We have 6 new classes starting this month. BEGINNING BALLET (ages 6 & up), BEGINNING HIP HOP (ages 7 & up), BEGINNING TUMBLING (ages 6 & up), CREATIVE DANCE (ages 3-5), HIPPITY HOP (ages 4-6), & of course, Little Stars, our class for ages 18-36 months! Don’t miss out! If your child doesn’t already take one of the above classes, then here is their chance. And all these classes, (with the exception of Little Stars), will be in our exciting 30th Anniversary Recital “In the Good Old Summertime”!

Noah is so excited to be joining the Leggz Dance Academy family! He grew up dancing at his mother’s own dance studio in Georgia since the age of 3 and caught the teaching bug at 15. Since leaving Georgia, he has established himself among the Disney Entertainment scene with such shows as MainStreet Trolley, Disney Channel Rocks, and Festival of the Lion King to name a few. “I love teaching because it gives you a chance to give something back, a passing of the torch from past to present”

It was a long and hard two weeks, but the studio floors were torn out and completely replaced. (Look for the progress of photos on Facebook). I would like to thank Brian Papenfuss, Nate Smith and Rene Santiago for giving us a few days of their time to help. A HUGE thank you to Robert Longshore of RJ Longshore, LLC, Handyman Services for doing a spectacular job and making sure that it was done correctly and on time. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any renovations or repairs that you may need for your home or business. He has over 25 years of home building experience. 407-908-8063

Please update your contact information ASAP if anything has changed. It is important that we are able to reach you. Thanks.
Flash drives of the recital music for each dance will be available for home practice at the end of February. This is a wonderful tool for the students so they can perfect their recital dances. The Flash Drives are $8.00 for the first song, $2 for each additional song, payable in advance, and may be ordered at the desk. As a bonus, if you only use your flash drive for Recital Music, you may reuse it next year!
I know that the Osceola schools are closed on the following day, but WE ARE OPEN FOR CLASSES, on Monday, January 15th, Martin L. King Jr day.





December Newsletter 2017

December 2017
Payment for December lessons will remain the same as for all other months. On our tuition policy, it clearly states that tuition is pro-rated for the year and is made in equal monthly installments. Tuition is $580 per school year, divided by ten months (Aug.-May) =$58.00 for each month. These figures are based on 1 class a week, your tuition may vary. If you are planning on taking vacation during the month of December, and you will miss some classes, please see the receptionist as soon as possible to schedule make up classes either before you leave or after you return.
Recital Costume Balance is due by December 14th. ALL CLASSES, (except for Little Stars), are in the recital. If your child has chosen not to participate in this year’s recital, PLEASE LET US KNOW. Costume payments made between DECEMBER 15TH AND 21ST will be charged $5.00 extra PER COSTUME for additional processing. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER DECEMBER 21st!!! NO COSTUME WILL BE ORDERED THAT IS NOT PAID IN FULL!!! Costume money is non-refundable after December 21ST.
During the week of December 11th-16th, parents may come in and choose their child’s costume sizes. If you do not make that choice, we will choose the size based on the measurements and our 29 years of experience in sizing students. Either way, if a costume needs to be returned, you will be responsible for any exchange fees and shipping charges for the costume.
Mark your calendars NOW! We are unable to change the rehearsal/recital date. Rehearsal will be at the Bob Carr Theatre, on Sunday, May 27, 2018 during the morning and afternoon. Recital will also be Sunday, May 27, 2018, starting at 5:00pm and ending at 9:00pm. That includes the trophy ceremony and a 20 min intermission.
Starting the week of January 22nd, we will be opening several new classes that WILL participate in our recital. Beginner Ballet (ages 6 & up) will be on Wednesday at 5:00pm, Beginner Hip Hop will be on Friday at 7:00pm, Beginner Tumbling, Saturday 11:30, and Hippity Hop (ages 4-6), Saturday at 10 am. For our 3-5 year olds, the Creative Dance Class on Friday at 5:15pm, and Saturday at 11:45am. We also have Little Stars on Friday at 5:15 and Saturday at 10:00 for our youngest students, 18-36 months.
Leggz T-shirts make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Make sure to get one for your little dancer!
We are going to do a Father’s Dance for our 30th Anniversary Recital. I am looking for Fathers who like to have fun! We will have 4 rehearsals during the month of May, and they will be on Thursdays at 8pm. So, sign up today!
I need someone who can make costumes for the Father’s Dance, listed above. What I am looking for cannot be found in a catalog or online. Please contact me asap if you can do this. Thank you!
Come join us on December 3rd from 12-3pm at the ICE FACTORY for a fun Christmas Party! Tickets are available at the desk. Only $15!
We need to replace entire floor in each classroom over the Christmas break. This is a daunting task to accomplish in 2 weeks, and I can’t do it alone. Although we will be working almost every day, these are the most important ones. December 22nd – DEMO DAY December 26th – DELIVERY OF MATERIALS January 2nd – DELIVERY OF NEW MARLEY FLOOR. Please let me know if you can help, and THANK YOU!
This year we have 2 exciting specialty dances planned. “Summer in the City” will be our opening number. This dance is cast by an audition. It is open to any dancer in Jazz 2 or 3. Students will have to purchase an extra costume at the regular costume price. This is due by Dec 21st. The audition for this dance will be held at the studio on Thursday, December 14th from 8-9:30pm.
Or second specialty number is our closing number and that will be “The Cup of Life”. It is also being cast by an audition and students in Jazz 4 & 5, and 2ND YEAR JAZZ 3 STUDENTS are encouraged to tryout. (If you are a 2nd year Jazz 3 student, you must participate in the Opening Number also.) The audition for this number will be on Thursday, December 7th from 8-9:30pm. An additional costume must be purchased for this dance and it must be paid for by Dec 21st.
We will have ABOUT 4 rehearsals for each dance and they will be on Saturdays sometime between 2-4pm (hours may change slightly). Dancers MUST attend ALL rehearsals! Please do not audition if you cannot make it to the rehearsals. Rehearsals will take place starting in April. Please tell us, in writing, by Feb 14th, if you have any important events, (prom, weddings, vacations, etc), that would keep you from a rehearsal. We would like to try and schedule the rehearsals so that there aren’t any conflicts.
There is no charge for the rehearsals, but we are charging a $50 refundable REHEARSAL fee which is PAYABLE BY FEBRUARY 24TH. (This rehearsal fee may be paid with cash, check or credit card.) If you miss a rehearsal, $25 will be deducted from your $50. If you miss 3 rehearsals you are out of the number, NO EXCEPTIONS. Please wear your proper dance clothes and shoes to the audition, and bring a smile. DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS YEAR’S BIG PRODUCTIONS!!
We are going to have PARENTS’ PARTICIPATION during the week of December 4th-9th. If your child is in any of the classes listed below, you are invited to come and participate in the class! This will give you a greater appreciation for what your child is learning and is also great fun for them to have mom & dad dance with them. Please wear comfortable clothes, bare feet or socks, and hard soled shoes for tap & Mexican Folklorico (no sneakers for those classes).
PARTICIPATION CLASSES: Creative Dance, Tumblebears, Hippity Hop, Primary Ballet, Ballet 1 & Ballet 2, Primary Tap, Tap 1 & 2, Primary Jazz, Jazz 1 & Jazz 2, Hip Hop 1 & Hip Hop 2, and Mexican Folklorico.
We will be closed from December 22nd through January 7th. Classes will resume on January 8th. Our next closing will be for Spring Break. Otherwise, we are open.