August Newsletter 2016




Any time you recommend Leggz to a friend, and they register, you receive $10 off of your next month’s tuition. However, during the month of August, for each friend that registers, you will receive $25 OFF OF YOUR TUITION! The more friends, the more money you can save!
Students must come to class in their proper leotard, tights and shoes in order to be admitted into class. This is for their safety and is part of the discipline of being a dancer. After all, you wouldn’t go to music lessons without your instrument or football practice without your helmet!
Is your character skirt too small? Are your character shoes pinching your feet? Well, bring them in and we will try to sell them to someone who needs them.
Students in levels 1-8 are required to have Character Skirts and Shoes for their classes. This is an important part of their ballet training. Character Dance is necessary for all of the Classical Ballets, such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Coppelia and Nutcracker. We are the only studio in the area that teaches it! Students in Ballet 3 & above also need ribbons on their ballet slippers.
Students in Ballet 6-8 need a silk scarf ASAP. Without the scarf, they are unable to learn any of the Free Movement work. They also need a long chiffon skirt to match their leotard. Students in these levels may wear any color leotard they want. Please order your silk scarf by September 3rd.
Please be advised, that jewelry of any kind is not permitted in any of our classes. Students will be asked to remove it and we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen jewelry, so please leave it at home.
When your child is absent from a class, please call the studio and let us know. You can make it up by attending another class. When you do, please let the instructor know that your child is there to make up a class.
Please pick up any items that are still here. These include: RAD certificates, recital pictures, and left over recital items. Thanks.
As you may have noticed, our classes this year are going until 9:30pm. However, the office will only be open until 9. Please make all payments prior to 9pm. Thank you.
No matter how good you are, you can always improve your stretch, strength, leaps and turns! Sign up today and see the difference this extra class will make! And guys, don’t forget to sign up for our All Boys Hip Hop class!
Roberto Sanchez has been instructing, dancing, and choreographing for Roberto Sanchezthe past decade. He started his training at Osceola County School For The Arts. Because of his training in various styles such as ballet, modern, jazz, and improv, Roberto possesses versatility in the area of dance.
His first career highlight was at Valencia Community College, where he danced in their annual recital. This led him into working with local artists such as J Randall and Nina Diva. Soon after, Roberto performed at an XL 106.7 fund raiser hosted by Chris Kirkpatrick, of pop group NSYNC. With Vixen Talent Productions, he took part in choreographing and dancing in various conventions and corporate events. These were held here in central Florida, as well as New York.
Adanse Dance Academy, Ready, Set, Dance, and The Dancer’s Pointe, are just a few of the facilities Roberto has had the privilege of teaching styles like Stretching and Conditioning, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. Aside from this, he has also held his very own versatile dance workshops, all the while choreographing routines for competition students.
As of recent, one of Roberto’s dreams came true when he put together two numbers for The Orlando Predators Prowlers Dance Team at the prestigious Amway Center.
Roberto’s talent and dediction to dance are prevalent, in seeing how his accomplishments only motivate him to continue striving for excellence in continuing to train, teach, and perform to the best of his ability.
 Kathryn RoweKathryn began her dance training at the age of 14 when she joined her high school’s color guard. This visual extension of the marching band incorporates basic ballet and jazz techniques along with the use of props to create visually compelling art in motion. She has performed for 8 years on teams for her high school, the University of South Florida, and the University of Central Florida at both indoor and outdoor competitions. She was invited to perform at the World Finals competition for WGI in Dayton, Ohio for two years earning a second place medal in 2012.
Kathryn began belly dancing in college and soon became a member of the UCF Shimmy Knights performance troupe. She was able to participate in numerous performances and was given the opportunity to teach classes during general club meetings. She is very excited to continue her passion for belly dance and instruct the students of Leggz Dance Academy.

Amy Figueiras Dominguez, born and raised in Clinton Maryland to Cuban Amy Dominguezparents began her dance journey at the age of 7. Here Amy studied and competed in various genres of dance including jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop until the age of 12. She was then taken under the wings of Shawn Cosby, director of the DC ShowBiz dancers based out of Washington DC. Amy was the youngest of this inner city dance company that was most recognized for their strong Hip- Hop and modern dance performances. Amy’s continued desire to learn placed her in opportunities to perform at recognized venues such as the Lincoln Theater, Washington Monument and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Amy also worked on BET’S Teen Summit and had the opportunity to dance for artist such as B2K, Lil BowWow, Mary Mary, Terror Squad, Charlie Baltimore, Genuine, Wu Tang, Lil Wayne, Ja Rule, DMX, and Black Eyed Peas. Later Amy began dancing for X-Faction Dance Company and landed performance opening for the Golden Scissor awards, Nina Sky and Twister. In 2009 Amy relocated to Orlando Florida and began studying, performing and teaching Mambo alongside of Eric Baez at Universal Mambo Dance Academy. During this time, she taught and performed at various events and congresses. She also had the opportunity to open for Puerto Rican power and Ivy Queen.

Dress Rehearsal at Linda Chapin Theater May 30, 2016

8:00am Dad’s Dance
8:05am Kiss the Girl (Hippity Hop – Thursday @ 4:45pm)
8:11am Peanut Butter & Jelly (Creative Dance – Sat. @ 1:30pm)
8:16am Jingle Bells (Hippity Hop – Saturday @ 9:15am)
8:21am Chica Chica Boom Chic (Creative Dance – Friday @ 5:15pm)
8:27am Supermodel (Creative Dance – Saturday @ 9:15am)
8:34am It’s a Small World (Creative Dance – Saturday @ 10am)
8:39am Butterfly (Creative Dance – Saturday @ 11:45am)
8:45am Rainbow Connection (Creative Dance – Mon 4:45 & Wed 5)
8:53am Cruella De Vil (Hippity Hop – Saturday @ 10am)
9:02am Jump, You Spin Me ‘Round, Material Girl (All Tumblebears)
9:16am My Little Pony (Tumbling 1 – Mon 6:30 & Thur @ 5:30)
9:23am Interstate Love Song (Tumbling 5/6 – Thur @ 6:30)
9:30am Take on Me (Tumbling 2/3 – Monday @ 7:30)
9:37am I Just Can’t Wait to be King (Beg. Tumbling – Thur @ 4:30)
9:42am 1920’s Mix (Tumb. 2/3 – Tue @ 4:45 & Tumb. 2/3/4 Th @ 8)
9:49am I’m a Believer (Tumbling 1 – Saturday 11:45am)
9:56am Here I Come (Hip Hop 1 – Thursday @ 4:30)
10:02am Bulletproof (Hip Hop 1/2 – Saturday @ 12:45pm)
10:10am Candyman (Opening Number – Saturday @ 2:30)
10:18am You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Primary Ballet – Saturday 10:45)
10:24am Steam Heat (Tap 6, 8/9 – Wednesday @ 7:30)
10:30-11:00am LUNCH
11:00am Neverland (Primary Ballet – M 4:30, Ballet 1 – M 5:30 & F 6)
11:07am Rhythm of the Rain (Primary Tap – W @ 4, Tap 1/2 – W @ 6)
11:14am Invitation to the Dance (Tech 1, Tech 2 & Tech 4/5)
11:31am Problem (Beginning Hip Hop – Wednesday @ 7:30)
11:37am Scarborough Fair (Ballet 6-Tue@7:30 & Ballet 8-Tue@6:30)
11:44am Son of A Gun (Hip Hop 2 – Tue @ 7:30)
11:51am Scottish Medley (Pointe 3/4-Mon@7 & Primary Ballet-Fri@6)
12:05pm Story of My Life (Ballet 5 – Wed @ 4)
12:11pm My Heart Will Go On (Tap 3/4 – Wed @ 7)
12:16pm Funkier Than a Mosquitos Tweeter (Jazz 5 – Wed @ 6:30)
12:22pm Viva La Vida (Ballet 3 – Fri @ 4:30)
12:28pm Proud Mary (Primary Jazz – Wed @ 5:30 & Jazz 1 – Sat @ 11:45)
12:35pm 6 Foot 7 Foot (Hip Hop 3 – Wed @ 4 & Hip Hop 4/5 – Wed @ 8:30)
12:41pm I Need a Hero (Jazz 1 – Thur @ 5:30 & Jazz 1 – Fri @ 7)
12:48pm Habanero (Tech 3 – Mon @ 5)
12:54pm Beatles Medley (Salsa 1, 2 and 3)
1:01pm Dress Rehearsal (Ballet 4 – Mon @ 7:30)
1:08pm Somebody to Love (Ballet 1 -Tue@6:30&Ballet 2-Tues@7:30)
1:15pm Under the Bridge (All Boys – Wed @ 4:45)
1:21pm Ali Baba (Belly Dance – Saturday @ 10:45)
1:28pm Colors of the Wind (Beginning Ballet – Fri @ 5)
1:34pm La Bamba (Mexican Folklorico – Tue @ 8:30)
1:42pm Rich Man’s Frugue (Jazz 4 – Mon @ 8)
1:50pm Rockin Robin (Jazz 3 – Fri @ 8)
1:56pm Disco Inferno (Jazz 2 – Fri @ 8)
2:03pm Ain’t Nobody (Modern 4/5 – Tue @ 8:30)
2:10pm Swan Lake Remix (Pointe 1/2 – M @ 6:30 & Ballet 2 – F @ 7)
2:17pm Back in Time (Hip Hop 1 – Tue @ 5:30)
2:22pm I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Modern 3 – Wed @ 6:30)
2:29pm How Will I Know (Modern 1/2 – Tue @ 6:30)
2:35pm Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Lyrical 2/3 – Th @ 5:30)
2:42pm Once Upon a Dream (Lyrical 1 – Fri @ 7)
2:48pm Music & the Mirror (Closing Number – Saturday @ 2:30)

Picture Day Schedule

Leggz Picture Day Schedule 5/22/16

PHHOTOGRAPHER 1                     PHOTOGRAPHER 2
Time   Title                                    Time   Title
12:00 Candyman                           12:00 Here I Come
12:25 Somebody to Love               12:10 I Just Can’t Wait to be King
12:45 Scottish Medley                   12:20 Colors of the Wind
1:05 1920’s Mix                             12:30 Everybody wants to Rule the World
1:25 Swan Lake Remix                  12:40 Habanera
1:40 Take on Me                            12:50 Bulletproof
1:55 You’ve got a Friend in Me      1:00 Rhythm of the Rain
2:10 6′ 7′                                         1:10 Funkier than a Mosquitos Tweeter
2:25 Once upon a Dream                1:20 Proud Mary
2:40 Scarborough Fair                    1:30 I Wanna Dance with Somebody
2:50 Beatles Medley                       1:40 My Heart Will Go On
3:05 Interstate Love Song              1:50 Chica Chica Boom Chic
3:20 Viva La Vida                            2:05 Jingle Bells
3:35 Neverland                               2:15 Story of My Life
4:00 Disco Inferno                         2:25 Cruella De Vil
4:20 Ali Baba                                  2:40 Rich Man’s Frugue
4:30 Back in Time                          2:50 Rainbow Connection
4:45 Music and the Mirror            3:05 La Bamba
4:55 Son of a Gun                           3:15 Problem
5:05 I Need a Hero                         3:25 Butterfly
5:20 Invitation to the Dance          3:40 Kiss the Girl
5:50 My Little Pony                       3:50 Supermodel
4:05 It’s a Small World
4:20 Under the Bridge
4:30 I’m a Believer
4:40 Material Girl
4:50 You Spin me ‘Round
5:00 Jump
5:10 Peanut Butter & Jelly
5:20 Steam Heat
5:35 Dress Rehearsal
5:45 Ain’t Nobody
5:55 How Will I Know
6:05 Rockin Robin
6:10 Dad’s Dance